The B’Donnas Bosses have owned & operated a successful fashion brand for over a decade. The Boutique Bible is here to encourage and inspire entrepreneurs with the stories of the trials & tribulations of fashion and business so that you might be empowered. 


    The pages of this book are laced with stories about B’Donnas Bosses (Tiffanie & Alexis) two business partners on a mission to build a fashion empire and doing business unapologeitcally. Remaining steadfast and loyal to a vision that at times no one could see except us is the single most significant act that led us to share our story of a 20 year journey filled with seasons of living and learning, while growing a fashion brand.


    As cliche as it may sound... we were created for a time such as this. There are some who have limits, and then there are others willing to envision a world without them; we are the latter.



    Tiff & Lex

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